Quiklrn is proud to be part of the National Education Alliance for Technology (NEAT 2.0). The NEAT initiative is driven by AICTE, under the Ministry of Education, India. AICTE has selected technology partners to use artificial intelligence tools to offer a personalized learning experience to students. The focus is to bring better outcomes for students. 
Welcome to the world’s first genuinely Adaptive Learning Platform, Quiklrn, with integrated AI-based Learning Services for a Personalized Learning Experience.
Corporates can make training engaging, feedback-oriented, and practical using Quiklrn Adaptive Learning System over traditional Learning Management System (LMS).  It is customizable to the organization’s Learning and Development requirements and aligned to business outcomes.
Academic Institutes, Universities, and Colleges can now simplify the Accreditation and digitize Teaching-Learning Processes (TLP). Quiklrn’s Outcome-Based Education (OBE) design brings in ICT Tools that help to drive Student-Centric learning for better Course Outcomes.

Quiklrn is a cloud-based platform, simplifies deployment, course and content management. It addresses the gaps in conventional learning and training operations.

Corporates need a Learing Platform that is adaptive and helps in driving learning outcomes

– Simplify Learning  and knowledge management for both employees, clients and partners.
– Meet compliance training requirements.
– Track and measure the learning outcomes and keep the learning current

Academic institutes benefit from simple workflows

-Faculty do not have to waste time in learning IT systems and it’s workflows
-Day-to-day digitized academic tasks are simple and fast to execute.
-Faculty can complete the tasks while on-the-go from their personal devices.

Keep learning using Quiklrn’s app-based access

-The app is freely downloadable on learner’s devices
-Unlimited access to open courseware that is populated as per topic.
-Add content from other sources and use Quiklrn’s adaptive features to add notes, references , images, weblinks etc.

Adaptive Course Builder to create a tailor-made engaging course for better completion rates.

– Create content packs with real-life scenarios or stories/short videos from subject matter experts
– Courses, integrated with assessment, help assess improved effectiveness

Simplified automatic data gathering for accreditation

-Helps to improve student engagement, results and outcomes
-Eases data capture and avoids excel-based management of data
-Standardizes and automates the course and program outcome attainment calculations

Enhance learnability through learner-centric platform

-Language translators help to understand the content in preferred language
-Text-to-audio feature reads aloud the content which is a more effective way to remember
– AI powered recommendations provide most relevant, updated and reviewed content at the right time

Quiklrn Solutions

Collaborate with content or course packs and enhance your revenue


Target learning goals by outcome aligned learning


Quiklrn adapts to how I learn, helps to personalize the learning


Quiklrn an integrated learning and all-purpose training platform, ready for modern learners and adaptable to their learning preferences.