Create a business-aligned, robust partner training.

70% of the partner reps feel that their training is inadequate and admit they haven’t mastered the skills to do their jobs effectively! (*Source : Gartner Survey). Most companies recognize the value of skills amongst the business partner organization to achieve business objectives. But companies do little to put effective learning systems and tools in place.QUIKLRN creates a personalized learning experience for every partner employee.

  • Provides cloud-based knowledge management services and is integrated with the language translator to manage individual preferences.
  • Learning models can now be interlaced with feedback and assessments to track the effectiveness of the learning.
  • Quiklrn provides technology-based on-the-job learning for the partner reps to upgrade skills to match current business and customer needs. 
KEY CHALLENGES in partner enablement:
  • How to manage the knowledge repository for partners?
  • How to  deliver a consistent, quality experience to partner reps who are mobile?
  • How to track the learning effectiveness and compliance?
  • How to  design a sustainable learning approach for continuous learning and re-skilling?

How to build an engaging learning channel for partner enablement?

Anytime-anywhere learning enabled with QUIKLRN app based platform

Adaptive Learning

Customized course packs with presentations, videos, learning assignments adapted to meet the business objectives. Augment it with additional content like soft skills from the pool of courses from Quiklrn store.

Role-specific Personalized Delivery

Curated learning paths and courses targeted for individuals or groups as per their role, instead of a web-based catalog.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Single tap access makes it very easy to recall and reuse information and knowledge at-the point of need.


Content Security

Quiklrn supports content security and access control for content. Device-level encryption ensures content cannot be shared or copied. It helps to protect the proprietary information.

Auditable and Tamper-proof

The learning and assessments on important issues like regulatory compliances, anti-bribery, and good operating practices are recorded making them auditable.


Tracking and Feedback

Companies need to track the training and competencies of the workforce across the partner organization. Quiklrn helps to capture the proficiencies of the workforce with assessment and certification.

Continuously updated and relevant learning is a great way to ensure partners are connected and engaged.
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