Most companies value the skill enablement for sales team as it directly impacts revenue.

Sales personals are expected provide best client experience and it requires they are equipped with relevant training, knowledge and insights and is delivered at the point-of-need.To enable today’s sales team, the learning and developments systems are required to:
  • Create custom-built course packs with presentations, scenarios and solutions.
  • Accessible anytime, any where specifically when in need.
  • Continually evaluate with assessments  and navigate to  relevant content.
  • Able integrate course ware from industry sources  for job-related skills  skills. 

KEY CHALLENGES in sales team enablement:

  • How to create a customized course pack tailor made for individual or group of sales persons?
  • How to create a skill profile of sales persons and map with targeted training ?
  • How to track and measure the effectiveness of sales education?
  • How to support self-learning along with organization training?

How to build an engaging learning channel to create winning solutions for  Sales team enablement

Anytime-anywhere learning enabled with QUIKLRN app based platform

Adaptive Content

Create adaptive course pack with presentations, videos, assignments aligned to sales plays.



Deliver the courses to target individuals or group as per their role, instead of a web-based catalog and increase learner engagement and focus.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Enable anytime access from mobile / laptop including offline access. Quiklrn enables secure content delivery and maintains access controls on the course packs.


Keeping Current

Post content updates in any format from knowledge base, external courses, new technology directions etc



Encourage sales persons to set learning goals and track the achievements. Award certifications on obtaining key milestones


Tracking and Feedback

Access Quiklrn live dashboard reports to track skill progression, content access. Evaluate with quizzes and assessments

Continuous learning and access to knowledge bases at the point-of-need are critical for sales team enablement
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