Preparing for accreditation for a program or institution is a complex task of organizing documentations as per defined criteria.

Quiklrn platform automates preparation of documentation  and simplifies process for institutes. Quiklrn partnered with SMEs and provides consultation services , to facilitate the readiness for accreditation audits. Consultation services include
  • Initial Workshop  to faculty on outcome based education and Accreditation  processes.
  • Training to faculty on using Quiklrn platform to use OBE framework features
  • Support to faculty to capture academic activities in Quiklrn platform
  • On-site consulting and working with SME for preparation of  supporting documents for audit and conducting mock-audits.
KEY CHALLENGES in preparing for accreditation:
  • How to leverage e-learning solutions for capturing academic processes?
  • How to  adopt a structured process to prepare for all criteria?
  • How to train faculty and staff  on OBE and accreditation process?
  • How to track the readiness for audit?

How to leverage e-learning platform and industry SMEs expertise for accreditation readiness?

Quiklrn along with SMEs offer consulting services to make it easy for institutions.

Learning Management Platform

Quiklrn e-learning platform has built-in features for institutes to drive outcome based education for courses. Using templates Quiklrn simplifies and automates the data gathering for academic processes.

Faculty Development workshop

Quiklrn partnered with SMEs and will  facilitate in organizing faculty development workshops on outcome based education and accreditation processes

Data Capture

Quiklrn will assist faculty and staff to gather data on teaching learning process for each course using Quiklrn platform.

Consulting by SME

Quiklrn in partnership with SMEs will offer consulting to faculty and staff in final preparation and readiness for audits.



Quiklrn platform helps institutes to capture the feedback from students, alumni and others on courses offered. Course management process can be implemented using feedback captured using Quiklrn platform

Maintain System of Records

Quiklrn helps institutes to maintain system of records for each course. A course file documenting all activities about the course. Quiklrn also captures academic management activities from enrolment to assessment.

Involving experts to assist in preparation of accreditation along with Quiklrn platform simplifies complex process.
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