Every learner is unique and learns and gathers knowledge their own way. Quiklrn adaptive learning platform is designed to adapt to each learner’s unique learning needs.

Quiklrn Adaptive Learning Platform helps learners to:

  • Access all courses activities aligned to learning objectives
  • Access content from any where, any time and any device
  • Add notes, images, solutions, web links , add tags and create contextual connects
  • Set learning goals, access performance reports and certifications
  • Cloud sync in devices, and learn on the go

Learners – Quiklrn Solutions

Access Content on the Go

Access the recommended content organized course-wise. Add additional content for each course from  other sources from web, peers, email, gallery, social apps. Add content in any format, pdfs, presentations, document, image, videos etc.

Take Assessment (Offline or Online)

Access assignments for all courses. use learning assessments for enhancing the knowledge acquired and performance assessments for grading and certifications

Learning Insights

Access all reports while on the go. Track sessions and attendance, achievements vs goals. Track time spent on course content. Get detailed report on time spent for each content and review against performance


Simplified access from mobile friendly app. Add notes, images, web links , solutions and contextually connect using digital pins. Add tags for easy recall. Search anything document or video using AI enabled search engine. Review all notes  / pins using re-call feature.

Continuous Learning

Quiklrn supports continuous learning, carry personal learnings in mobile friendly app. Access additional learnings from Quiklrn store for employability assessments, e-books, e-courses outside regular curriculum and enhance your skills.

AI-enabled Features

Quiklrn auto classifies the required content from various sources make is easy for students with relevant content. Use Text-to-audio feature to make all text document into an audio-book. Use built-in in-app search to get curated content for topic or phrase or keyword. Use integrated translator for local language conversion and learn in your own language. Access the content of the video using TOC or phrase search feature to easily navigate the related content of a long video lessons.