On-going training  is important ensure compliance is adhered  thorough out the organization. Compliance training are regular and periodical and required to be tracked for successful completion.

Learning and compliance training systems are required to: 
  • Be structured as per role-specific and aligned to standards.
  • Support course and content to be able to dynamically change as per regulatory requirements
  • Track employees completion and certification  within specific time-frames.
  • Simplify the compliance education processes and  to ensure  workforce are compliant all the time.
KEY CHALLENGES in compliance education
  • How to plan a training calendar and execute for compliance education?
  • How to track compliance education completion and certifications?
  • How to map compliance courses to  employee job roles?
  • How to create a live dashboards to get latest update on workforce compliance ?

How to build an learning system to drive compliant work force?

Anytime-anywhere learning enabled with QUIKLRN app based platform

Create Adaptive Content

Create adaptive course pack with presentations, videos, assignments aligned to regulatory standards. Integrate with SOPs related to job roles.

Compliance Courses

Access industry standard compliance course offering in Quiklrn store to improve workforce skills.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Enable anytime access from mobile / laptop including offline access. Quiklrn enables secure content delivery and maintains access controls on the course packs.


Keeping Current

Continuous engagement with employees by posting regulatory updates, SOP revisions etc.



Track and access certifications for all the compliance courses for all employees


Tracking and Feedback

Access Quiklrn live dashboard reports to track employees’ training activities, learning progress. Evaluate the workforce compliance, based on course completions, quiz results, and content access

Continuous enablement and process to track the certification for completion ensures 100% complaint organisation
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