Client experience is an important focus area for enterprises today. Services and Support staff play important role in better client experiences and contribute significantly to client retention.

To enable better client experiences, L&D organizations need to find new ways of knowledge enhancement to large pool of services staff, who are either on site or off site. Learning solutions required to:
  • Direct delivery of courses at their place of work and at the point-of-need
  • Create tailor made courses, scenario based content capsules
  • Offer solutions to known issues and easily accessible
  • Secure access to internal knowledge base integrated with learning solutions
KEY CHALLENGES in services team enablement
  • How to ensure the solutions to client problems are accessible at the point-of-need?
  • How to obtain feedback on quality of content delivered ?
  • How to track the skill development progress vs aligned roadmap?
  • How to organize and create content and give role-based access?

How to build an engaging learning channel to enable support and service staff  at their place of work?

Anytime-anywhere learning enabled with QUIKLRN app based platform

Services Focused Adaptive Content

Create adaptive course pack with presentations, videos, assignments. Integrate the feedback for content quality and applicability.

Access Additional Content

Opportunity for services staff to access a pool of courses from Quiklrn store for role-specific or self development.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Enable anytime access from mobile / laptop including offline access. Quiklrn enables secure content delivery and maintains access controls on the course packs.


Keeping Current

Post content updates in any format from knowledge base, how-to guides with notifications and announcements



Encourage sales persons to set learning goals and track the achievements. Award certifications on obtaining key milestones


Tracking and Feedback

Track the training progression and competencies of the workforce and measure the alignment to the roles.

Continuous learning mapped with internal knowledge base and directly delivering at the work place is a new way of enablement for support and service teams
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