Get Cloud-based, data-driven and AI-powered learning services for your learners.

Cloud-based learning services provide anytime anywhere access of the courses. The mobile users can access the content while being on the move at the point of need.

Content Store provides a respository for all learning material organized based on relevance and selected courses. This also stores e-books (free and paid) from publishers which are accessible based on licensing.

Personalization feature has a rich set of functions that saves the preferences of the learner. Learners can create their learning paths by adding notes, weblinks, tags, images, documents, and embed them into the courseware from multiple sources, including social media applications.

Assessment features help to measure the effectiveness of learning. Learning assessments are non-graded assessments that are part of the content packs and configurable with guidance for the correct answer. Performance assessments are graded and integrated with the certificate generator.

Content Security The multi-tier encryption services at multiple levels (device-level, user-access, and licensing) provide tamper-proof content security. The license manager of the Quiklrn platform manages the expiry period of the content and access rights.

Data Integrity The assessment system provides the complete audit trail of the assessment, response, and reviews of the assessments with the timestamps and user detail. The training/course records of every individual maintained for audit, accreditation, and compliance purposes.


Course Manager

– Feature helps in course creation, managing enrollment, tracking sessions, conduct assessments, and provides data-driven operations dashboards.

Adaptive Coursepack

– Feature helps to create adaptive content packs aligned to desired learning outcomes. Content packs have a mix of multi-formats content based on course requirements (PDFs, PPTs, Text documents, Images, Videos, weblinks).

Drive Learning Paths

– Allows instructors to create the learning path by organizing content in the desired flow with, assignments and personalized feedbacks

Learner Centricity

– Focuses on the adapting to every learner.  The course specific contents are auto classified several sources and made it simple to access the topic wise content.  Learner is make it personal by adding related content from personal sources like folders, email, social links etc and tag it to a context. Integrated with local language translator , AI-powered IN-Video search, and text-to-audio functions. Learner can get a snap shot of all tags/digital pins in one swipe or tap.


– Provide in-app and email-based personalized notifications on the course schedule, content updates, events.

Tracking and Reporting

– Provides live dashboards of course progression, sessions, performance, assessment, certificate issued and learning records.

Simplified admin

– feature provides simplified worklfows with easy to use interface for  day-to-day tasks. It also provides facility for bulk enrollment, and automate reports generation for course activities.


– helps to set learning goals, track progress. Review time spent for each course, analyze performance, access personalized reports and certificates.

E-commerce/Payment Gateway

– integration with the Quiklrn platform allows content creators/publishers to monetize, license and delivery e-content through content store.