Working with new technology is a significant challenge.Customer enablement is critical to make full use of the capabilities of new technologies.

Quiklrn enables any time, any where learning and helps organizations to:

  • Create customized course packs with multi-format content
  • Be continually in connect with clients through personalized notifications and events
  • Create refreshable content with real-life scenarios for specific-roles
  • Share micro-learning content on new product features and solutions
KEY CHALLENGES in client training:
  • How to make the course-packs accessible to customers at their workplace?
  • How to regularly communicate with customers post formal training?
  • How to “refresh” the content to targeted customers with new product capabilities information?
  • How to offer courses based on customer employee preferences?

How to build an engaging learning channel for customer employee enablement?

Anytime-anywhere learning enabled with QUIKLRN app based platform

Adaptive Learning

Learning experience that adapts to an individual’s learning objectives with customized coursepacks with presentations, videos, learning assignments, FAQs, Videos, and how-to documents.


Refresh and Keep it Current

Continuous engagement with clients using content updates, new announcements, events, etc. via notifications.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Make content accessible from outside the traditional training class rooms. Quiklrn enables anytime access from mobile/laptop, including offline access.


Content Security

Quiklrn supports content security and access control for content. Device-level encryption ensures content cannot be shared or copied. It helps to protect the proprietary information.

E-commerce Enabled

Monetize course offering using Quiklrn in-built e-commerce services and have client signup for additional course offerings


Tracking and Feedback

Track the customer enablement in targeted competencies. Measure their proficiency using integrated assessments and assignments with the course.

Continuous engagement is the most effective way to ensure that customer teams are
enabled to fully leverage product capabilities.
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