How to make all learning content accessible from one interface? Quiklrn along with its partners has integrated library management solutions, e-books, e-courses , and e-journals which are accessible from Quiklrn app.

The integrated solution is aimed to:
  • Facilitate Anytime, Any where access to all content from one platform.
  • Manage licenses and access control
  • Make Industry relevant courses to students for employable skills
  • Offer industry ready evaluation tests to help students with placements.
KEY CHALLENGES in content access
  • How to give access to library content in a learning platform?
  • How to make e-books from various publishers  available to students?
  • How to make e-journals subscription accessible along with curriculum content?
  • How to manage the licenses and access control?

How to make content from all sources accessible to students along with course content?

Quiklrn app based platform provides features to access content from any source securely.

Library and Journals

Quiklrn platform is integrated with library management solutions like Koha and J-GATE and facilitates single point access for students.


In partnership with several well known publishers of e-books, Institutes can order e-books through Quiklrn platform.  Quiklrn will manage security, licenses and access controls for e-books

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Make content accessible from any where and any time. For IP controlled content, students can access the same from inside the campus network.


Content Security

Quiklrn supports content security and access control for content. Device-level encryption ensures content cannot be shared or copied. It helps to protect the proprietary information.

Quiklrn Store

Institutes can order e-books and e-courses and licensed through Quiklrn platform.  Students can also purchase the books from Quiklrn store for any paid e-books.

Free Content

Quiklrn Store auto organizes  topic-wise,  the free content (creative common license) from various sources  including video courses, books etc. Access the content add to your curriculum content.

Integrated platform for all content from several sources helps to align the content to relevant to each course
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