Empower the business units with an integrated training and knowledge management platform to adopt  continuous training  and skill enablement.

Quiklrn enables learning that is access controlled, role-specific, accessible anywhere at any time.  The platform makes it easy for organizations to create courses from an internal knowledge base or access it from external content creators. Quiklrn helps organizations to drive outcome-driven learning paths to achieve desired skill enablement targets across the roles. Quiklrn enables organizations to:
  • Create adaptive content packs and personalized delivery for each learner.
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device access to content through AI-powered mobile friendly app at the point of need.
  • Track learner engagement, track the course progression and performance
  • Measure the learning effectiveness using assessment
  • Maintain certificates and training records of users enrolled for the course
  • Get data-driven learning insights for every user to mentor them to the desired learning outcome

Quiklrn Solutions – Enterprise

Customer Enablement – Training on the GO

Connect your clients with Quiklrn

Employee Knowledge Management – Role-specific

Empower your workforce by role-specific outcome driven learning

Compliance Education – Drive with Quiklrn

Drive compliance education across organization and track for completion

Partner Enablement – Simplified

Simplify partner enablement with Quiklrn

Sales Team Enablement – Access Anytime

Access winning solutions from anytime, any where at the point-of-need

Service and Support – Enable with Quiklrn

Enable service and support staff with easy access to knowledge base and training