Learning insights help faculty to understand how well the student has understood the course and how content used by students.

Quiklrn captures learning behavior and learning patterns and helps institutes with learning analytics.
  • Content usage statistics for each course-pack
  • Performance assessment  course-wise and question-wise 
  • Suggestions and recommendations based on response to questions
  • Performance vs time-spent analysis

KEY CHALLENGES in learning analytics:

  • How to get details on time-spent on course-pack?
  • How to navigate the students to suggested contents based on responses?
  • How to get learning insights on student engagement and performance achieved?
  • How to  engage  group of students or individual student?

How leverage learning insights to enhance the student performance?

QUIKLRN app based platform captures learner’s insights at various usage levels and analysis

Content Access

Students can access content recommended by faculty as per curriculum design  and also access related content from various sources. Quiklrn captures content usage statistics.


Student Engagement

Using Notification, polls, feedbacks faculty can improve the student engagement. Leveraging learning assessments and content access analysis, faculty can design a desired learning path for student or group of students.


Create various type of assessments and Quiklrn captures performance data for all type of assessments.  Using in-built analysis faculty can do detailed study on student performance.

Guided Learning

Quiklrn supports guided learning. Faculty can guide the students with feedback and recommended contents based on response to questions or feedback. Faculty also can navigate the desired learning  path to selected group or individual student.

Target Groups

Identify the groups or individuals require additional help or guidance. Quiklrn platform helps faculty to create groups or sub-groups for each course. Faculty can create specific content, assessments for each target group.


Polls and Feedback

Quiklrn  has features for polls and feedback. Conduct polls and feedback on gain direct insights from students.

Learning insights helps to understand learning behavior of each student and helps to direct them to a desired learning path
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