Driving outcome based education is the key priority in academic institutes. Quiklrn platform is designed to support OBE framework and simplifies the process for institutes to easily adopt outcome based education.

Quiklrn platform supports the OBE implementation with a rich set of features.Quiklrn features for implementing outcome based education are:
  • Facilitate in the mapping of course outcomes to Program Outcomes and Program Specific Outcomes at the appropriate strength
  • Help teachers to plan and record teaching-learning sessions
  • Facilitate in getting assessments aligned with course outcomes
  • Record student performance in all assessments
  • Automatic computation of outcome attainments
  • Create a course file using templates
KEY CHALLENGES in driving outcome based education
  • How to implement outcome based education using learning management system?
  • How to automate and simplify complex computations required to calculate attainments?
  • How to follow uniform process across institute to drive outcome based education?
  • How to keep record of all teaching learning processes for each course?

How to leverage the learning management system to simplify the implementation of outcome based education?

Quiklrn adaptive learning platform has a rich set of features to drive outcome based education

Write Outcomes

Provides a well-structured process with samples to write Course Outcomes (COs) and map them to POs and PSOs, and assign strengths.

Session Management

Templates that teachers can customize to organize their own course-specific sessions. Templates include items for marking the CO addressed, instructional methods used, instruction material, links to multimedia learning materials, recording attendance, quizzes conducted, problems worked out in the session, assignments to be given, discussion sessions, observations, and feedback.


Guides the teachers to create multiple types of assessments aligned to COs, question banks, assessment instruments that can be used on-line and off-line, and record the performance of students.


Computing Attainment

Student-level and batch-level attainments of course outcomes are automatically computed. Attainment of Program and Program-specific Outcomes are computed.

Course File

Course files are automatically created as per the templates, based on all the teaching-learning-assessment activities done during the semester.  Faculty can leverage the templates in Quiklrn platform  to standardize the course file for all courses.  Facility to add course specific items is also supported. Course file can be downloaded as a supporting document for accreditation audit.


Feedback and Gap Analysis

Faculty can record course feedback from students. Record plans for reducing the attainment gaps.

Simple and standard model is essential to drive outcome based education and Quiklrn platform makes it easy for faculty to manage this complex process.
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