Quiklrn is the ideal platform for Academic Institutes to adopt for the digital transformation of teaching-learning processes (TLP) to facilitate outcome-based education.

Quiklrn Adaptive Learning Platform helps institutes to:
  • Drive end-to-end digital transformation of Academic processes from course management, content management, and personalized delivery to students.
  • Align course management to outcome-based education  (OBE) framework
  • Capture all teaching-learning process activities like course outcomes, session management, attendance, assessments, and attainments.
  • Use standard templates to simplify creating supporting documents for accreditation and certifications.
  • Gather learning insights for each student and use to navigate them to the designed learning path

 Quiklrn Solutions – Academic Institutes

Adaptive courseware with a customized learning path.

Create adaptive courseware aligned to a targeted learning path to make it easy for students to follow. Be innovative, create courseware with a mix of presentations, quizzes, videos, images, and many more.

Dashboard that track and monitor course progression

Quiklrn offers live dashboards and reports to track and monitor the course progression across the Institute.

Access e-books, library, and journals along with the course material

Quiklrn secure license management and access control feature allows students to access e-books, library content, and journals licensed to each institute.

Manage assessments – online or offline.

Leverage the robust set of features to manage both online and offline assessment for graded and non-graded assessments. Make it adaptive by suggestions and feedback to navigate to students to targeted learning.

Drive Outcome Based Education (OBE)

Quiklrn aligned to the Outcome-Based Education (OBE) framework, has a rich set of features to define program and course outcomes, manage sessions, assessments and feedback.

Consulting services – for accreditation

Quiklrn has partnered with subject matter experts and offers consulting services to accreditations for NBA and NACC. Quiklrn rich set of features facilitates the documentation to help get the required accreditation.