How to  use learning systems for student assessments and to achieve outcomes. Quiklrn platform supports various type of assessments for faculty to evaluate and get insights into student performance.

Quiklrn assessment  feature helps faculty to:
  • Create a question bank aligned to course outcome objectives.
  • Create a unique test for each student with randomized questions
  • Create on-line or offline tests
  • Gather insights into student performance
KEY CHALLENGES in managing assessments
  • How to make a question bank for each course?
  • How to create questions aligned to course outcome?
  • How to create a unique test for each student?
  • How to get insights into student performance?

How to build an assessments that are unique and aligned to course objectives?

 QUIKLRN app based platform has features designed to various type of assessments

Question Bank

Create question banks with each question aligned to specific category. Mix the question types with various options. Add suggestions and recommendations to navigate the students to desired learning path


Performance Assessment

Create a timed on-line unique test for each student. Faculty can also create off-line test question paper.

Learning Assessment

Create unit wise learning assessments which are accessible any time, any where. These are practice tests for self-evaluation and gain insights in to student understanding of course


Secured Test

On-line tests are password protected and timed. Randomize feature helps to setup a unique question set for each student.



Faculty can design various type of assignments for on-line submission and grading. Faculty can upload documents related to assignments and students can respond by uploading files and reports.


Learning Insights

Quiklrn analytics helps faculty to gain learning insights for each student with analysis of student performance vs learning pattern.

Creating assessments which are aligned to course objective is the key measure for outcome based education.
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