Create an engaging learning experience to students and navigate the students to a defined sequence of contents to achieve course objectives. Quiklrn enables faculty to create innovative course pack with mix of content in various formats.

. Quiklrn adaptive course builder feature helps faculty to:
  • Create custom built learning path as one unit or multiple units
  • Customize each unit as sequence the content with pdfs, videos, weblinks, solutions, quizzes etc  
  • Add learning assessments and embed with content pack
  • Continually engage with students using recommendations and notifications
KEY CHALLENGES in creating adaptive course packs
  • How to make the course pack engaging?
  • How to create a course pack for recommended learning path as per course objectives?
  • How to get insight into how student is learning?
  • How to engage with students using additional recommendations?

How to build an engaging course pack aligned to course objectives?

 QUIKLRN app based platform has features designed to create courseware with multi-format content

Adaptive Courseware

Create engaged learning experience with customized coursepacks with presentations, videos, learning assignments, FAQs, Videos, and solutions.


Recommended Content

Keep the students engaged with suggestions of content from various sources like NPTEL, OER, You tube etc. Also recommend relevant e-books from various publishers

Anytime , Anywhere Access

Make content accessible from outside the class rooms. Quiklrn enables anytime access from mobile/laptop, including offline access.


Content Security

Quiklrn supports content security and access control for content. Device-level encryption ensures content cannot be shared or copied. It helps to protect the proprietary information.

E-commerce Enabled

Monetize course offering using Quiklrn in-built e-commerce services and have students to pay  for additional course packs


Tracking and Feedback

Track the how to the content is being used by students using learning insights and feedback.  Refresh the contents based on insights and feed back

Engaging course ware is the most effective way to ensure that student outcomes are aligned to course objectives
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