Publisher, Training Institutes and Individual content creators, have access to robust Content Monetization Platform with integrated secured Content Delivery and Test Prep/Assessment Engine.

Quiklrn ensures that content hosted is encrypted with access controls.

Quiklrn Adaptive Learning Platform helps content creators to:

  • Create innovative course packs with multi-format content for engaged learning
  • Create learning assessments and package it with courses for leaner’s self-evaluation 
  • Create performance assessments and offer certifications
  • Get insights from the learner to improve content quality using assessment and feedback
  • Upsell recommended content based on the learner’s requirements leveraging the learner data insights.
Quiklrn Solutions – Content Creators
Adaptive Courseware

Quiklrn content hosting tool helps to create adaptive courseware with a mix of content in various formats. Assessment tool helps to embed the courseware with tests and quizzes to make it easy for students to follow.

Dashboard & Reports – Track and monitor progress

Quiklrn live dashboard views give the statistics on the number of downloads, license usage for each content. Reach the learner using notifications and recommendations for additional content.


Content Management

Quiklrn platform ensures that the content provider’s copyrighted content is protected.  The platform enables device-level encryption as well as geographic locks, which allows the implementation of the requisite licensing policy.

Manage Assessments – Online or Offline

Quiklrn assessment feature has a powerful set of features to create offline as well as online assessments. Leverage the randomization feature of the Quiklrn engine to offer a unique test for each attempt. Make the test adaptive by adding contextual suggestions and recommendations.


Leverage Quiklrn in-built e-commerce platform to reach learners directly. Content creators can monetize the coursepack/e-book by pricing whole or module-wise. Reach the learner with specific offers and promotions.


Quiklrn platform helps to create micro-learning.  Content creators can license the entire coursepack or individual units. Quiklrn supports sell and rent license options, making it very flexible for content creators to customize the content as per the learner’s need.